My name is Dongbin Kim and I was a 7th cohort student on this course. Actually, I’m now working at Union, as an Intern, in the Union-Mission office. Last year, I finished my military service as an Officer, and I had 6 months before I went to Seminary. Because I wanted to spend my time effectively, I had been looking for a good course to study English. Along the way, someone who is a Sarang church member recommended this course to me. I hesitated at the first time I heard it, because I was not sure that 5 months are enough time for studying English and the UK is quite unfamiliar to me. But I had prayed and I heard this course is really awesome from previous students. So I decided to come here and applied for this course as a student.

After I came here, I thought that the hesitation was really needless and I was fully satisfied in these circumstances. I was able to worship every single morning in English, and pray together with BA students and professors. It was the most impressive thing I’ve ever experienced. The class was also wonderful because we learned the Cambridge course book from a Christian native speaker teacher, and we were also able to discuss what we’ve learned through Christian sources. Moreover, the best thing of all was the discussion opportunity with anyone who was in this college. We talked about our thoughts with BA students. When we asked something to them they always answered kindly. That was really good for our English and Christianity. As a theological student, talking with the professors is the greatest memory because they are really wise and friendly.

In my case, I was able to experience Union from the directors. It was fantastic because their vision was really great and it was also the same as my vision. They offered me work in this place as a Mission Intern, so I accepted that opportunity. Now I’m here to experience their vision and God’s work.

Through this course and Union, I was able to delight in God. That was the most important value in my life. Also I’ve grown in Christ, including my knowledge and faith. Besides, I’ve gained some vision of how I would serve the church, and finally I hope to bless the world as a global leader through God’s grace.

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