I had a great time in Wales, there is no denying. I surely enjoyed the time staying in Bridgend. People are really kind and nice. I’m sure that with open mind everyone can enjoy the time in Wales except that cars come from right. I believe that understanding different cultural things can give a hand to understand different people in various situations. I’m sure you can do this with Holy spirit’s help. Having a time in Wales is a great chance to know God more.

(Kim Seunghyun, 8th student representative)


The best thing I’ve experienced was the good circumstance that I can learn English and Christianity of the faith at the same way. Because I’m living in the college for 24 hours in every single day, I’ve been challenged faith and English from the people who are living with me. Especially, the discipleship and Bible overview class touched my mind and Christianity, and it was really great. Thank you.

(Lee Donghoon, 8th student, From Sarang Ministry)


First, people are so kind. In this campus, BA students are so friendly. So I can have good relationship with them even I can’t speak English well. Second, teachers teach us based on Christianity. Teachers always take care of us and pray for us. And I can study about Christianity and bible. Third, I can learn about cooperation. In here I stay with many people not alone. I learned about understanding and loving each other.

(Noh Yeongeun, 8th student, From Sarang Ministry)


Wherever I share the time with people here it reminds me that I am a person who belongs to God. This is God’s blessing!

(Hong Seokyung, 8th student, From Chongshin University)


I find this course fantastic. We cannot learn such authentic English on any other exchange student program. I didn’t expect much before I came here. The BA students who study in this university are very kind and generous. They are willing to chat with Korean students. And also we could relax as much as we want here, and reflect on life. Simultanously, we can understand British culture as well. I strongly encourage you to come here and find your vision more clearly.

(Choi Jihyun, 8th student, From Chongshin University)


At the first time I applied here, I worried about this life as an exchange student but when I came here I realised I didn’t need to worry at all. It was really great circumstance to concentrate on studying English. I’m really thankful God that I’ve done in this place.

(Kim Suyeun, 8th student, From Koshin Universty)