At Union School of Theology, we are committed to raising up leaders for the worldwide Church. We offer an academically robust theological education as well as deep character formation, working in tailored partnerships with local churches. This means our courses (on campus and in Learning Communities) aren’t ‘off the peg’, and our students aren’t merely ‘customers’. We nurture ministry-long relationships with our students, equipping them to plant churches, resources their congregations, and go on to raise new leaders themselves. Because of this we want to help them fundraise for their academic and living costs, supporting them from day one of their time with us. Below we’re highlighting one of our students and their story. Would you consider investing in growing a leader in Christ’s Church?

My name is Dominic McRoy, and I am a member of a Reformed Baptist church in the East End of London, where I have lived since I was 2 years old. I've been involved in public evangelism and apologetics since the Summer of 2012 when the Olympic Games were held in my borough in East London.

In 2017, after completing my BA in German with Translation Studies, I worked for a year as a Learning Assistant in a small independent Christian school. During that year I gained further experience in evangelism and apologetics as I was involved with a team at Speaker's Corner in Hyde Park.

I had my eye on Union while I was at university, and what attracted me most was the theological position of the college. People I trust told me good things about the quality of the teaching, so even before visiting the campus I knew Union was the right choice. My aim in studying the BA in Theology at Union is to be equipped so I can be of use to my local church and the broader Church in proclaiming the gospel in the streets winsomely and accurately, especially (but not only) to Muslims. If we want to see people truly converted and coming to Jesus Christ, the proclamation in the pulpit has to be clear and accurate theologically. I believe the Lord may be calling me to preach, and so I am exploring this while at Union; but what is certain is that we need theologians and apologists who can equip the church to know what the gospel of Jesus Christ is, and know how to communicate it to our diverse society.