Cambridge is a city steeped in history, richly blessed by Christian witness down through the ages and into the present day. We are thrilled to be launching a Learning Community in Cambridge this autumn, hosted at Tyndale House, and led by David Andrew.

Despite its many faithful churches, large parts of the rapidly expanding city of Cambridge are under-reached by the gospel. As you step out into the surrounding countryside and coastline there is even greater gospel need. A new Learning Community for Cambridge will be brilliantly placed to serve local churches in Cambridge, and in its many outlying towns and villages.

Our Graduate Diploma in Theology will enable us to offer accessible theological education to those who have done no formal training, or are ready to undertake training at a deeper level. With a mix of those in urban and rural ministry, we anticipate this being a dynamic and fruitful community which enables ministers from a range of contexts to encourage and support each other as they grow in knowledge and love of the Lord, and the ministry skills with which to serve him.

Tyndale House in central Cambridge will provide a world-class venue for the new Learning Community. Union School of Theology’s Provost, Dr Ian Shaw, says:

We are excited to be able to launch a new Union School of Theology Learning Community in Cambridge, to serve the training needs of partner churches in Eastern England and East Anglia. This will be based in Tyndale House, and it is a privilege to extend our partnership with this global centre for theological study, allowing students access to excellent facilities and a world-class library.    

The Learning Community will be capably mentored by local minister, David Andrew. David has a long history with Cambridge, having studied Engineering there in the 1980s, and trained for ministry himself at Ridley Hall in the 1990s. With over 20 years’ experience in parish ministry, David will offer a wealth of wisdom to the LC in addition to the theological tools needed to mentor the group well.

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