Ben Harrison is currently in the fifth year of his part-time BA with Union School of Theology, and aims to continue studying with Union after graduating. In 2017, Ben and his wife Sarah planted Home Church, part of the New Frontiers Advance network, in St Clears, South Wales.

"I moved to Wales in 2011 to marry Sarah - a native. Both of us were committed members of, and served at, Towy Community Church, Carmarthen from 2011-2019. The first serious thought regarding church planting was in 2012.

How crucial it is for planters to tend to their souls during the preparation period!

I was drawn to St Clears, a town about 10 miles away, mainly because it appeared most logical and the closest mission field. What began in my mind soon trickled into my affections, and before long I was consumed by a vision of delighting in and displaying Christ in St Clears and the surrounding areas. This process was somewhat slower for Sarah and took more time to settle in her heart, but by the end of 2017 we were ready to walk into the next phase of church planting. We prepared by praying and prepared some more by praying some more. Then we prepared a little more by praying a little more! How crucial it is for planters to tend to their souls during the preparation period! Preparation also included forming relationships with other pastors and linking up with friends I’d made at Union over the years.

My Church History lectures set a foundation for my thinking, theology and practice, and opened up avenues of thought which I had never considered previously.

Union has been the most influential factor underlying the teaching, witnessing and worship of the church plant. I have enjoyed Jesus more deeply and freshly in these last five years of studying at Union than I can ever remember previously. Some of the most influential moments of my time at Union were my first- and second-year lectures in Church History under Michael Reeves, Daniel Hames and Lee Gatiss. They set a foundation for my thinking, theology and practice from that point on, opening up avenues of thought which I had never considered previously, and gave me a stunning insight into new ways (or old ways!) to present and portray the loveliness of Christ. Thanks to these lectures, I have gained a greater respect and understanding of brothers and sisters in Christ who lived many hundreds of years before me. These believers of the past have refreshed my soul in Christ on many occasions.

Union has enriched not only my affections toward Christ, but also my love toward others. It has  been by far one of the greatest means in my life to warm me to the Saviour in this gospel we so greatly enjoy. This enjoyment of Christ within the family unit and within the church family inspired our name and our core values of loving God and loving others. It also shapes our vision and our mission.

We are a family of believers in Trinitarian mission together, for the glory of God and the good of all men. We exist to melt the hearts of unbelievers toward Christ through the gospel. Church planting in St Clears is a unique joy we are experiencing week upon week and month upon month. We have been blessed with mature and generous believers coming along for the journey and we have seen a wonderful number of people enlightened by the Spirit of God and warmed toward encountering Christ in the gospel message. Our prayer is to continue edifying the local church and to continue enjoying the witness of the Gospel."

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