Ewan Jones studied Theology with Union, graduating with a BA in Theology in 2015. He’s now based in Porthcawl with his wife Rachel, and his two young children, Arthur and Kitty.

"For me to be able to study the BA on campus at Union was a real gift I never thought I’d have. I became a Christian when I was young, but the idea of being called to serve the Lord in full time church ministry came gradually over ten years. After a decade of serving (and more often blundering) in church-based youth work, I knew that it would be invaluable for ongoing ministry if I could develop a solid theological foundation. With the advice and support of a church leader and some wise friends, the idea of going back to school, finishing my job, packing up the house and moving with a two year old and a newborn baby from Cheltenham to Bridgend suddenly seemed the only sensible next step in life!

I absolutely love Union’s vision – growing leaders for growing churches.

Having looked at larger theological colleges, I was won over by the intimate community offered at Union. As well as unparalleled access to faculty members, being on a small campus meant that I got to know other students quickly, and that my wife and children became a valuable part of the Union family. We were a band of brothers and sisters supporting one another in the whole of life. I came out of the BA with close friends, now ministering around the country, and we continue to have each other’s backs as we experience the privileges and pressures of leading in God’s church.

The BA’s robust theology, practical application for ministry, and commitment to academic integrity was an amazing combination. On top of all that, to know that my humble lecturers loved Jesus, had years of pastoral experience and yet were also experts in their field meant that my study was shaped in the real joys and challenges of ministry on the ground. This wasn’t just theory and intellectualism for brain boxes - idiots like me were welcome too, and we were all given plenty of room to apply, question, explore, argue and (graciously) disagree!

Being able to take three years to study God’s word, church history, biblical languages and all the other components of a Theology degree was an utter privilege – as well as a lot of hard work! I was only able to finance it through a student loan and the kindness of supporters from St Matthew’s Church and Grace Church in Cheltenham. Our family’s story is one of God’s generous provision along every step of the way. Now I’m serving in Grace Community Church, Porthcawl and studying for the MTh at Union as I further build on those foundations.

Union has a great focus on developing rounded leaders of head and heart – character is just as important as knowledge. I never thought I would make a great theology student and in many was I was right! But the things I learned weren’t just about acquiring knowledge: they fed my heart as well, and as a result I love Jesus more, I understand his word better, and I feel more prepared to go out and serve his church.

I absolutely love Union’s vision – growing leaders for growing churches. I love its ambition for the gospel, and the creative steps being taken to equip the church and see Jesus proclaimed. I have nothing but excitement when I see the way Union is expanding internationally and in the UK, and am so glad that I get to be part of it."

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