Leonidas Roumpas

This is an interview with one of our MTh students, Leonidas Roumpas, who is a pastor and church planter in a suburb of Athens.

Leonidas, what is the spiritual situation in Greece?

"The spiritual situation in Greece is nominal Christianity, mixed with post-modernism, ignorance, and a desire to follow the current trends, which are the opposite of the Gospel and the ways of God.

In Greece, the dominant and state church is the Greek Orthodox Church. We, the Evangelical church are a tiny fraction of the population of Greece. This makes the proclamation of the gospel a difficult job firstly because, since there is a Christian church and consequently people think Greece is an orthodox Christian nation, why is a small church like us talking about the gospel? And secondly, many view us as heretics! Some confuse us with Jehovah’s witnesses, and - as in every place - they do not care about the things of God."

What is the context of your current church plant?

"I am the lead church planter and pastor of the church. The city - Agia Paraskevi - is a typical middle-class Greek city. This means that it is more traditional and closed to something like Evangelicalism."

How did you get involved with Union?

"I studied as an undergraduate at the Greek Bible College in Athens. I wanted to continue in study and to be better equipped for ministry, and so I was praying and asking God where I should go for my Master's studies. In my head I thought I would have to leave Greece but in my heart I did not want to. God answered my prayers by bringing a cooperation between Union and the Greek Bible College, so that I could study for a MTh in Theology in Athens!"

How has studying with Union helped your journey with Christ?

"It has helped me by giving me the opportunity, the time, and the discipline  to study deeply and broadly, and to reflect on biblical issues. This would be impossible for someone like me, already in full time ministry, but due to the flexibility and the intention of Union to help and support church practitioners, I enjoy the privilege  of growing in Christ through my study."

What is your future vision for your ministry?

"To remain faithful in the face of small numbers, and various difficulties, and to build relationships with as many people as I can in Agia Paraskevi. If this happens then the growth - or better, the salvation - of people, and their addition to our church, is a matter of time and of the will of the Father. In one sentence, faithfulness and care for the individuals of our city, to show them the gospel we preach."

How can we pray for your church and ministry?

"Please pray for God to add amongst us families and young people who will grasp our vision, and help us further our cause. And at the same time pray that God will protect our young community from brothers and sisters who have a consumer mentality. We do not exclude them, but at this phase we need believers who want to be active and use their God given gifts."

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