The Rome Residency Program takes place while serving within the context of local, evangelical confessional churches that have a vision for the city.

The RRP is particularly suited for, but not limited to, those who are called to bi-vocational ministry. Please note: Italian languages requirements apply.

This 2-3-year program takes place within a minority context (evangelicals comprise approximately 0.8% of Rome’s total population). It is designed to equip and prepare Italy's future church leaders to effectively carry out their ministerial calling and does so through a personally contextualized program that would include various opportunities, such as:

  • Having access to quality theological and leadership formation through Union’s G-Dip, MTh or PhD programs, or IFED’s theological training programs
  • Receiving real-life ministry experience connected with experienced pastors, church-planters, and church leaders
  • Participating in the Rome Church Planters Network meetings/training (connected with City to City Europe)
  • Participating in an annual preaching lab for those who sense a calling to preach
  • Participating in the annual Rome Scholars and Leaders Network (
  • Participating in an annual theological conference in the city of Padova
  • Maturing personally, spiritually, and emotionally through mentoring and coaching relationships
  • Assisting in research/writing for topics such as Church History and Roman Catholic Theology and Practice from an Evangelical Perspective

Personal specification

  • B1 or B2 proficiency in the Italian language
  • Openness to bi-vocational ministry in Rome. The RRP desires to train bi-vocational leaders for planting and leading churches. Therefore, a desire to find a part-time job is highly valued as it fits within a long-term vision for a sustainable movement of church planting within a minority context
  • A clear ministerial calling for serving the local church (e.g. preaching/teaching, shepherding, mercy ministries, etc.)
  • A humble desire to serve and be proven/affirmed for ministry within the context and under the authority of a local church (for example, completing a degree program does not equate to being immediately recognized as a pastor/church planter. Confirmation of calling takes place by serving the church in the way God has gifted a member, whose ministerial role would be then recognized and affirmed by the local church)

Financial arrangements:

  • Tuition assistance is possible if funds are available
  • A monthly stipend is possible for those who are seeking bi-vocational ministry roles in church planting

To find out more, contact Clay Kannard

[email protected]

+39 389 656 8146

Chiesa Evangelica Breccia di Roma

Via di S. Eufemia 9, 00187 Roma (RM) Italia

Chiesa Evangelica Breccia di Roma San Paolo

Via Valentiniano 3, 00145 Rome (RM) Italia