Union works with churches for the growth of the whole Church. We work closely with many local churches, networks and agencies to recruit, raise, and strategically deploy church leaders where they can be most useful.

Union Mission is the outlet and fruit of our whole ministry. It is a missional ecosystem, a theological and missional network of churches and Learning Communities (church growth hubs that are managed by churches) who seek to further our shared vision of blessing the world through the growth of God’s kingdom. Union Mission’s purpose is to serve the Church through facilitating the recruitment and deployment of church leaders.

Union’s expanding international network operates with two main engagements: mission and school. These two strategies work together to create robust mission where churches are enabled to raise up leaders and helped to plant out.

Union staff and collaborative partners are housed at the Mission Centre along with missionaries seconded to work with Union in the heart of the School of Theology campus. It provides a community environment and focus for Union Mission’s international and national activities. It is the connexion point where education and training meet ministry and mission.

Resourcing Mission

Union Mission has been actively facilitating financial support for church planting and transplanting projects in partnership with a significant pan-European funding platform and individual donors, as well as encouraging gospel partnership between churches and being a catalyst for effective mission. We help churches to deploy student graduates and associates into mission in the UK and Europe.

Union in the Church’s Mission

Collaborative partnerships are vital to help meet Union’s long-term strategic aims. So, it is crucial that we foster the right kind of partnerships which strengthen ministries and synergy of mission. The Mission Centre is uniquely devised to facilitate these. It is also a meeting place for local church planters to come and share their heart for planting and to get support and encouragement in their ministry. We are partnering with local Welsh, national and international church planting networks that the church may grow and be fit for Christ.

Refreshment for Planters

We want this centre to be a real blessing to those engaged in any way with Union Mission. So, at low use times, we will offer very low-cost or free accommodation to church planters, pastors and alumni from around the world to come and stay for as long as they need for a time of refreshment and equipping at our home in Wales.

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