Helping generous supporters invest in Union’s mission

Since 2015, Union Foundation in the UK has helped families and individuals reach their financial and charitable giving goals by supporting Union. In 2016, we established Union Foundation US. This was an important step in facilitating giving in the US to support the work of Union internationally as well as helping Union serve churches in the US. The foundations play a key role in supporting the work of Union and help generous donors give to advance God’s mission through Union.

Foundation Services

Our team can help you with your giving, legacy planning and asset contributions so that your financial stewardship advances the ministry work of Union.

Gift Planning

Gift Planning can help you determine the best ways to give to Union that also provide tax benefits for you and your family. Our Gift Planning team can help you make the most of the growing opportunities that will fulfil your financial and giving goals and make a lasting investment in Union’s future.

Create your Union Legacy

You can create your Union legacy by including Union in your will or estate plans. Please contact us to learn more about how we can help you make a legacy gift to advance Union’s mission. For more information on how to create your Union legacy contact our team.

Your legacy gifts to Union are so important because they help to ensure that future students can receive the education they need to help grow Christ's church. It will help Union to keep growing as we serve churches internationally. Union graduates are serving in many nations around the world because of generous supporters just like you - Joel Morris, Executive Director

Contribute Assets

You can contribute a variety of assets to a donor-advised fund, including cash and appreciated assets. Donating appreciated assets, such as stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and real estate to a donor-advised fund, rather than a direct monetary contribution, can help you increase your tax advantages. Such donor-advised funds are offered by the National Christian Foundation in the US, or Stewardship Services in the UK. Union has been receiving funds through both organisations over the years and is ready to help you give in a variety of ways. You can also give assets through the TrustBridge Global network, as explained below.

For help with contribution of your assets to Union, please email Joel Morris.

Giving Internationally

Through our TrustBridge account set up in Switzerland, we can now receive grants in the following countries: Canada, Switzerland, South Africa, Bermuda and Australia, with more to follow. This means you can make a tax-efficient donation through the TrustBridge Global Network in these countries. For more information on TrustBridge visit this page.

We can also receive direct credit card gifts through our online portal here

If you have any questions relating to giving in the US, UK or internationally, our team is ready to help. Please contact them here